How to enable ‘Genius Mixes’ in iTunes 9

Apple Online StoreOkay, so you’ve updated to iTunes 9 and, while waiting for Apple to finally get around to posting the QuickTime replay of today’s special event, you’ve been poking around to see what’s new.

One of the new things is called “Genius Mixes.” This new feature searches your iTunes library, finds songs that go great together, and creates multiple mixes automatically.

These “Genius Mixes,” once you have them, are like channels programmed entirely with your music. You’ll likely rediscover forgotten favorites and, quite possibly, find some tunes you never even knew you had.

Gee, this all sounds great, but where the hell is it?!

Well, it’s actually simple (when Apple servers aren’t overloaded like they are right now) to activate the Genius Mix, even if Apple is acting like it’s top secret info:

To activate “Genius Mix” in iTunes 9, select “Update Genius” under iTunes’ “Store” menu.

That’s it, provided that Apple’s overloaded servers don’t keep spitting back the following:

Good luck getting through!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers too numerous to mention individually for asking us how the heck to get to “Genius Mixes.”]


  1. For those wondering how this Genius might be different… it’s not. It’s just a different application of the same technology. Rather than one Genius playlist, you get 12!

    I thought it was a gimmick at first, but I’m actually very impressed by this dead-simple feature.

  2. I hated “Genius” and turned it off. I have tried “Genius Mix” and it is “ok” but not great. While the concept is good, It needs to allow for input from the user, such as don’t mix certain genre.

    I love classical, rock of all kinds, country, religious, blues, blue grass, jazz, folk, and others, . . . but Genius tends to mix in in areas that “don’t”. Acky Breaky Heart just doesn’t go beside a the “William Tell Overture” or spiritual song even though they may have similar tempos or volume.

    “Genius Mix” does do a better job, but still mixes genres that I prefer not to have mixed. INPUT from the user as to which Genre to “Do Not Mix” would be great.

  3. Yes, it’s very simple yet plenty useful and awesome.

    I hate Genius at first but using it more and more since, it actually gets better.

    Now with this I can imagine one day I can’t live without it.

    Damn you Apple just when I think I couldn’t possibly been sucked more in…

  4. I see that iTunes 9 is still a 32-bit app under Snow Leopard.

    I guess it is quite a “bit” of work to transition a code base that started even before Mac OS 9 (with SoundJam MP) to be 64-bit. I suppose there is no pressing need for a consumer app like iTunes to be 64-bit.

  5. I posted this info. in the “Apple realeases iTunes 9” feedback section for the GRANDxADMIRAL.

    You’re welcome! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  6. For me, there’s nothing that can replace the spontaneity of choosing the music I want to listen to on the fly. It changes, by the minute and no computer generated playlist is going to get it right, or sometimes even close.

    To me, Genius is a gimmick that does nothing but slow down the computer and generate needless “progress” bars and complexity.

    ..and don’t even get me started on Twitter and all that other crap.

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