Ahead of special event, Apple gives current model iPod touch, nano, & classic new, lower prices

“Apple lowered the prices of many of its iPod offerings overnight, prior to today’s event, with the 32GB iPod touch seeing the largest price drop, from $399 to $279,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider. “In addition, the 16GB iPod touch dropped from $299 to $249 and the 8GB model fell from $229 to $189.”

Marsal reports, “On the iPod nano side, the 16GB capacity decreased to $149 (from $189), and the 8GB offering slid to $129 (from $149). Finally, the iPod classic had its price cut to $229 (from $249).”

“Apple today is widely expected to unveil a new iPod touch with a camera,” Marsal reports. “Speculation suggests that one model will offer 64GB, and the morning price cuts have likely set the stage for that spot in the lineup.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Get ’em while they last.


  1. Two possible conclusions…
    1) The new iPod models supplement the current iPod lineup rather than replacing them. Thus the price drops to leave room to position and differentiate the new entries, as has occurred in the past.
    1) The new iPod models are delayed (per the rumors about the cameras), and this is a ploy to maintain sales at a reasonable level to smooth things over until the new iPods are ready.

  2. Apple has occasionally gotten some of the “announcements” out of the way before an event. Usually when there’s lots to talk about (keeping the message focused in the media coverage they get).

    Let’s keep out finger crossed it’s that, and not something along the lines of KingMel’s second point. (How could that have encountered “camera problems” important enough to miss their Christmas season? It’s not exactly a cutting edge technology).

  3. There’s a part of me that thinks not leaving this to be part of the presentation is a sign that something bigger is coming. If they were just releasing upgraded iPods they would normally have talked about the success of the current ones, mentioned the prices then done a cool keynote slide transition to show off the new lower prices, then announced the new ones at the original prices, or something to that effect. Unless it was a mistake they hopefully need the time for other stuff….

  4. What if it was just this? Drop the prices of the existing ones…add a camera and capacity to the new ones at the old price point, and simply make an additional iPod Touch a little bigger at a higher price point. Three choices of each type instead of just one.
    Maybe a little too Epson, but a thought.

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