So, how did your Snow Leopard install go? (success, problems, tricks, advice, etc.)

So, how did your Mac OS X Snow Leopard install go?

Let us know below about your successes, problems, tricks, advice, etc.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “silverhawk” for the queston.]


  1. Smooooooooooth.

    Only good things to say. It gave me 14GB disk space back. All my apps work without a problem. Wifi works better. A very slick upgrade process, not one problem. Lets see if Microsoft can do the same with Windows 7. I’m not going to hold my breath.

  2. Smoothly. Only issues. I forgot to uninstall Parallels 2.5 and had to manually remove my install. There is a small learning curve with using HP all-in-one printers. I love the speed improvements in routine tasks and increased efficiencies that cannot be recorded in “benchmark” testing.

  3. Not so well. Messed up my Keychain and mobile me access. Also had problem with several fonts not rendering properly in some programs and not rendering at all in Filemaker. I found others that had problems with the Keychain. I debated downgrading, but eventually created a new user and have been slowly copying all of my data over from the old user. Lost a day of work. I’m willing to forgive only because apple upgrades are usually so smoove.

  4. No issues here. I made sure my Time Machine backups were current the night before. Installed on two MacBooks (paid for the family pack) and everything seems to be running very smooth. I have since upgraded my MacBook to 4GB of RAM and it runs awesome.

  5. Problem-free. The only “incompatibility” was a peculiar little program (which I’d forgotten I had) for using a GSM phone card as a wireless modem. But I don’t think I’ve ever used that.

    ‘ScanSnap Manager’ (to scan with a compact Fuji scanner) still works. The first printer I plugged in – a portable, battery-powered Canon iP100M for which I’d never installed drivers on this 13″ MacBook Pro – was recognised, and printed correctly, instantly.

    I can’t yet say that it’s “snappier”, as it takes a while to “bed in” ( do its ‘pre-bindings’ between programs and files, etc..) but it’s kept all my Exposé and Spaces preferences, and Keyboard setups ..oh, no; ‘Spaces’ doesn’t switch to Space number 2 when I press fn+F8 and 1 or 2 or 3, etc! ..Something odd there..

    Generally, easy, simple, trouble-free, I’ve put QuickTime Pro 7 back in my Dock (QTX and QTP7 can co-exist, even though Apple doesn’t make that clear enough) and I’m happy. Thanks for asking.

  6. Upgraded on Friday 4 September. No major problems with most applications (SOHO series was incompatible; however update posted late Friday by vendor made the software SL compatible). Got back about 10 GB of disk. A couple of the Safari plug ins needed 32 bit (until they publish an update: 1Password).

    I’m eager to take on Exchange this coming week. SL is noticeably faster than Leopard.

    All-in-all, upgrading to SL almost a ‘walk-in-the-park’

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