Microsoft tries to gin up launch parties for Vista service pack, er, ‘Windows 7’

“Some new tech products just naturally generate excitement among the masses. For others, the excitement needs to be manufactured,” John Murrell reports for Good Morning Silicon Valley.

“And right now, Microsoft is cranking up the fertilizer factory in an effort to grow some grass-roots buzz around the launch of Windows 7 on Oct. 22,” Murrell reports.

Murrell reports, “The Redmond behemoth is trying to encourage thousands of employees, partners and Windows-loving techies to hold launch parties in their homes or public venues, offering hosts a free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate and ‘a good chance of winning a PC worth $750!’ as incentive.”

Full article, “How fun — we’ll all do the Monkey Boy dance, then head out back for the Vista bonfire,” here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Vishnu” for the heads up.]


  1. Hmmm.

    Call Windows 7 a service pack if you like, but going through it, using it, change for change, upgrade for upgrade, it is a far more substantial upgrade than Snow Leopard.

    But then… Windows needed it.

  2. it is a far more substantial upgrade than Snow Leopard.

    No, it’s not. Snow Leopard is a major overhaul of the kernel and many other major subsystems. There aren’t a lot of user-level features added, but under the hood there’s a whole release cycle’s worth of work.


  3. Beowulf,

    Microsoft’s not catching up with shit, not with that Registry albatross still hanging around every Windows sufferer’s neck along with millions of lines of bloated, old, Windows code for the sake of so-called “backwards compatibility.”

    Microsoft dooms all users to the past. They’re stuck with it. If they tried to jettison it all and start with a modern OS, they’d be dead.

    People who buy WIndows PCs without first seriously looking at Apple Macs are fools.

  4. @ Dev

    Precisely. As long as the registry is around, Windows will always be Windows (not a good thing). MS needs to grow a pair, step up and have the courage to write a whole new OS from the ground up and dump the reg monster, or it will haunt them until it kills them.

  5. I got an email from MS encouraging me to have one of those parties since I have an install of Win7 RC. I guess it’s an extension of “Welcome To The Social”. It felt like some kind of joke from Saturday Night Live.

    And a $750 computer? Think they can afford it? Remember that kid that downloaded the one billionth app and all the friggin’ Apple goodness that he received? Now that was a prize!

    Those cheap, cheesy assholes at Microsoft wouldn’t know class if it bit them in their Ballmer.

  6. Yeah, I wanted to check out WIndows 7, for sake of running what ever Windows Apps I use…..none. Then I thought about how I hated 95, 98 (95 revised) and nothing else. Thank God that I turned on the television to see Jobs at the presser for Apple buying NeXT. Made my whole technoligical life what it is today.

    Bill Gates helped me out also though, my genius in “helping” poeple out of their money was well served by watching him build that crumbling company.

    Thank you Steve, Thank you Bill.

    MDN Word ‘system’, it’s all about which system works, and not which one works best for you. If you are an idiot and find OS X does not work well for who you are, then you are a moron and should not ever use a product that needs power to operate it.


    Jesus christ, that’s pathetic. Although it’s good peek into Microsoft’s psyche. “What? People aren’t excited about Windows 7!? Alright, then let’s dishonestly make it look like they are by dangling bribes in front of their faces to host launch parties.”

    Can you imagine anybody actually throwing one of these things? If there is indeed any human being out there with enough constituition to survive the embarrassment, what happens when they trot out Windows 7 to wow their guests… And the only real area where Win7 is even slightly less miserable than Vista is in running its own integrated apps(they execute around 30% faster on a netbook and only a truly laughable 20% faster on above-netbook hardware, according to benchmarks. While applications beyond that limited scope run just as slow as they do on Vista. It should go without saying XP leaves both in the dust.)? 

    In the hallowed halls of marketting ideas that went wrong, this one’s gonna be legendary. Not up to new Coke level(Windows 7 itself will take *that* spot), but definitely somewhere around the CueCat.

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