Apple debuts new ‘Get a Mac’ ad featuring Robert Loggia (with video)

Apple has debuted a new ad in their “Get a Mac” campaign called “Trainer” which prominently features actor Robert Loggia (“Big,” “Scarface,” and “Independence Day,” among hundreds of other projects).

In the new ad, Loggia plays a physical trainer trying to whip poor PC into shape with inspirational messages such as, “Come on get started you bucket of bolts” — which we imagine has to be pretty close to, if not exactly, how the Windows sufferers start each miserable day — and “PC Mag rated Mac #1 in customer support. Are you just going to take that?”

Already tired, PC begs for some positive reinforcement and trainer Loggia says sarcastically, “Suuure, you’re doing a good job Mac!” To which Mac replies, “Thanks.”

Apple’s “Trainer” ad:

Direct link via YouTube here.

See the ad in a variety of sizes via here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “sparkplug” for the heads up.]


  1. Hey Zune Thang.

    Disappointed there, as it has been done. Maybe you should have pointed out the Mac photocopiers are using Robert Loggia to copy Bill Gates and Seinfeld’s appearance in Windows adds. Remember that steamy shower scene with them wearing shoes? Still brings tears to your fudgepacking eyes I bet.

  2. OMG, MDN took off my comment when I said I already saw this ad the night before during the Patriots game. I guess MDN’s feelings were hurt when they realized their not the first ones to spread this breaking news. What a bunch pussies

  3. Why the blazes do you always portray the Mac guy as a smart slob and the Microsoft as a well-dressed idiot? Why not reverse the plot and give the hint that smart well-dressed business ceos also use Macs?

  4. Ken1w – I agree completely. I have never understood Microsoft’s direction on their ads. You would never mention a competitor that isn’t any competition. They just validated Apple by focusing on them. It shows that Apple is getting to them and is a valid competitor. So, what will a customer do? They will stop by the Apple Store and checkout the Macs. Thanks Microsoft

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