Apple debuts new ‘Get a Mac’ ad featuring Robert Loggia (with video)

Apple has debuted a new ad in their “Get a Mac” campaign called “Trainer” which prominently features actor Robert Loggia (“Big,” “Scarface,” and “Independence Day,” among hundreds of other projects).

In the new ad, Loggia plays a physical trainer trying to whip poor PC into shape with inspirational messages such as, “Come on get started you bucket of bolts” — which we imagine has to be pretty close to, if not exactly, how the Windows sufferers start each miserable day — and “PC Mag rated Mac #1 in customer support. Are you just going to take that?”

Already tired, PC begs for some positive reinforcement and trainer Loggia says sarcastically, “Suuure, you’re doing a good job Mac!” To which Mac replies, “Thanks.”

Apple’s “Trainer” ad:

Direct link via YouTube here.

See the ad in a variety of sizes via here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “sparkplug” for the heads up.]


  1. Richard Kline:

    Larry Dallas (Character)
    from “Three’s Company” (1977)

    Biography:This character biography is empty. Please add a character biography by clicking here.
    Alternate Names: Larry

    To effing funny!

  2. I agree with Jafo – Apple needs to show the Mac in action. Run the current ads first and follow up the next commercial segment showing the Mac work like HP shows their crap working.

    Only Mac does it better.

    Or does Apple just want sell snobbery?

  3. Seeing a Mac in action leaves the biggest(and most FUD-dispelling) impression when you witness it in person and get to actually have some hands-on time with one. Incidently, Apple enjoys having people visit their retail stores.

    Showing a Mac operate would be a mistake. Encouraging people to see what all the fuss is about for themselves is the best way to sell them.

  4. I think they need to take ‘The Geico Approach’. That is, run more than one campaign. Use the ‘Get a Mac’ ads to get people laughing and paying attention, and then run ads that actually show what the mac can do. In fact I could see some Mac commercials that are similar to the iPhone/iPod Touch ads that have only music, but show cool features flying by.

    I also think that all the iPods should come with some ‘test video’. Namely, the great video showing all the OSX features.

  5. I got a laugh from this one. I think it is a effective version because it brings in outside “authorities” to confirm what the other adds have been building and understanding of along he way.

  6. To those who want Apple to show OS X in action:
    What could you possibly show in 30 seconds that would wow a PC user?
    Who wouldn’t tune it out, having already spent a work day looking at a computer screen?

    These ads are awesome, they grab peoples attention.

  7. These ads have been effective for such a long time because they are entertaining, usually focus on one point of comparison between Mac and PC, and do NOT fill the screen with boring system specifications.

    The only thing Apple wants from these Get a Mac ads is for consumers to at least CONSIDER getting a Mac. Instead of automatically buying another Windows PC, Apple wants the potential customer to al least think about a Mac. Amazingly, this goal was reinforced by Microsoft’s Laptop Hunter ads, which also told consumers that they should take a look at Macs when shopping for a PC.

    Once a potential customer walks into an Apple Store and actually considers getting a Mac, a good percentage will end up with a Mac. They won’t all get a Mac, but that’s not Apple goal; Apple just wants enough switchers to keep steadily growing its market share year after year.

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