Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard newest features and improvements (with video)

Jason Parker reports for CNET, “Snow Leopard is finally here and we’ve had a chance to check out all the newest features and improvements to Apple’s big cat OS. Check out our First Look video for an overview and find out if it’s the right time to take the leap to Snow Leopard.”

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Video:

Direct link to video here.


  1. Now now. We’ve got a G5 in our Apple family as well, but I’d never want Apple to hold back progress due to my gracefully aging machine. Bring the Snow!

  2. For the love of all things technological . . . GET OVER IT! Two days ago your G5 was NOT antiquated, and you were more than happy with its functionality and performance.


    Well, nothing has changed, sir or madam. NOTHING! Your G5 is still humming right along and doing everything you asked of it earlier in the week. You still have a great machine!

    Now, has something better come along that you will not have access to? Yes. But such is the nature of, of, of . . . TIME! And GROWTH! And PROGRESS! And IMPROVEMENT! And LEARNING!

    Gawd, but you Luddites give me a pain.

  3. Progress and time have rendered your G5 antiquated. You should be very pleased. . . . I love my MDD G4, but I’m preparing to get a Mac Pro, and a MacBook Pro.

    My 1999 iMac has a 6 gig HD.My new camera has several 4 gig cards. Should I limit my shooting because my old computer can’t handle new technology?

    Get with the program!

  4. Apple is taking a real gamble with loyal customers by not offering PPC support in Snow Leopard. Macs are built to last so there are still a lot of people with PPC machines out there. A lot of graphic designers still use PowerMac G5s and G5 iMacs. It may look different for PowerBooks as laptop sales are much more than desktop these days. But a designer puts a lot of money into their desktops when they buy them not only in hardware but in software such as the Adobe suites. They are not going to upgrade as quickly as everyone else. I have seen it time and time again especially in businesses.

    Windows 7 can run on much older PCs. I have a 5 year old HP 2.8 GHz Celeron that it runs on and it’s actually really fast. Much better than Vista. All I need to do is buy a low cost PCI graphics card to get Aero functions.

    I’m no Windows fan but these are the facts. Designers are the ones who could really use these new easier navigation functions in Snow Leopard. I’m wondering if they are forced to upgrade to a new OS if they will give PCs a look as the prices are cheaper. Especially if they need to upgrade Adobe software as well and get hit with those cost on top of the computer costs.

    Something to think about. Apple has 8% computing market share. Do they care about taking more or will they continue to focused more on the iPhone/iTablet?

  5. I agree guys, as soon as apple stabbed a knife in my back by dropping support for the floppy I was stunned. After all, ProDos can still run on my Laser 128, and I’ve seen it time and time again when apple pulls the rug out from under its customers. Just wait Apple, the chicken will come home to roost….and what will be there waiting for the chicken?


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