Sirius XM to unveil iPhone/iPod touch accessory docks next Wednesday?

“Sources familiar with the situation are now confirming that Sirius XM will be unveiling the iPhone/iPod touch accessory docks that I speculated about three months ago this Wednesday, August 26th,” Demian Russian reports for Satwaves.

“Sirius XM will be hosting a special invitation only media event in New York that day to show off their new products to be available this holiday season. The invitation reads: “View the new lineup of radios and accessories from Sirius XM for the home, office, vehicle and beyond.” Satwaves received a press invitation and will be covering the event live as permitted,” Russian reports.

“Information is beginning to leak out offering us clues about what else we might expect to see at the event. Just yesterday, reported that the iPhone/iPod Touch accessory docks would be called “SkyDocks” and they provided a picture with that name inscribed on the accessory in the diagram,” Russian reports. “They are also reporting that Sirius XM will be unveiling a new FM modulation technology that will be replacing the cumbersome SureConnect system. The new FM modulation technology works off of the cars electrical system and will not require an external wire to the vehicle’s antenna as the SureConnect system did. This technology would make the new iPhone/iPod Touch accessory docks virtually plug and play — even in vehicles without iPod integration or an audio-in auxiliary jack.”

Russian reports, “With over 40 million iPhones and iPod Touches out on the street, there is a huge opportunity for Sirius XM to bring the wonders of satellite radio to the masses. A whole new market will open up for Sirius XM with the release of these accessories. No longer will satellite radio be confined to only the car stereo section. These accessories will be available wherever iPhone and IPod Touch accessories are sold — including the nation’s Apple stores.”

Full article, with more info and diagrams, here.


  1. Satellite radio seems to be great for those that like it… but it seems like that’s a select audience. Nothing wrong with that except that Sirius and XM both seemed to build their business model on the assumption that Sat radio would be the next iPod. We’ll see if Sirius XM makes the same mistake as it’s progenitors or scales it’s aspirations more appropriately.

  2. Let’s see, I got an iPod because I could make the playlists and they would always be what I liked.

    These docks are going to improve my listening experience, how?

  3. I’ve been listening since 2004. In my car, online at work and now on my iphone. I hardly every listen to FM radio. I went on a 2 1/2 week road trip thru Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. It was great to hear the my music and listen to CNN and Public Radio. I can’t complain.

  4. I realize that most people wont “pay for radio” Like most people wouldn’t pay for TV. Satellite radio introduces me to all kinds of new music that my local radio won’t, which allows me to purchase more music from iTunes. I like Sat Radio because I get choices and that ‘s what everyone wants and about 18 million people agree.

  5. Our new (almost) car had built in XM when we bought it from Hertz Car Sales; we’ve really been enjoying the variety of music programming, and come hockey season the NHL Home Ice channel and all the broadcast channels are going to be awesome.

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