IDC: Apple’s Mac takes 10% share of Canadian PC market

“Canada may have the highest proportional number of Mac users in the world after recent gains by Apple, according to an IDC study of computer sales in the country during the spring,” Electronista reports.

“The American company broke into double-digit share there for the first time by accounting for 10 percent of all non-server computers shipped between March and June,” Electronista reports. “Such a gain left it only behind HP and Dell, who held on to 22.1 percent and 20.7 percent respectively.”

Electronista reports, “Most of Apple’s climb is attributed to a sharp rise in its sales of MacBooks, which jumped 24.8 percent from year to year. HP by comparison saw its shipments of any type of PC plummet 25.3 percent in that same period. Acer was still the clear leader of the notebook category in Canada with 57.5 percent of the field due to its dominance of netbooks, but the researchers suggest that Apple held virtually all of the market outside of that price range.”

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  1. We still have money, we have Universal health care, our banking system is the most solid in the world, and we had 7 straight government surpluses. Except for thus year because we bailed out those miserable US motor companies.

    So yeah, we can afford to go with quality.

  2. All about the trend until Windows 7 ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    You see… What Microsoft did to people with Vista, Apple is doing with Snow Leopard.

    If you have a high end PowerPC from 2006, you are SOL if you want Snow Leopard!

    At least with Microsoft, you could still use your system as long as you updated some hardware to make it work with Vista.

    I feel for the people who have those high end Mac Pro’s. LOL

    You are truly forced to go buy a new Mac and help Apple maintain its marketshare of under 10%…

    I can’t wait to see how Windows 7 does. It has amazing reviews. I have used and was overly surprised. Now I want Windows on my Mac.

  3. @Zoe
    Professionals like myself who use (or used) Power Mac G5 towers know that their equipment is old. It’s already out of (extended) warranty, and fully depreciated by now. It’s time to upgrade anyway, and what better time than to get a spanking new Mac Pro with Snow Leopard already installed? Apple changed the designation to Mac Pro when it changed to Intel inside. The Intel transition actually began in January 2006, and was completed with the release of the first Mac Pro in August 2006. That means the most recent G5 models are already more than 3 years old.

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