Messaging International quashes rumors, says no Apple deal after shares surge more than 250%

“Communications technology company Messaging International on Wednesday poured cold water on market speculation it was on the verge of announcing a deal with Apple,” Ben Deighton reports for Reuters.

MacDailyNews Note: Messaging International owns TeleMessage, a text-to-landline service, which uses software to convert text to a voice message and play it to the recipient. The recipient can reply using their own voice. The reply is sent back to the original sender’s wireless phone as a text prompting the retrieval of the voice reply. The service is said to understand a dictionary of shorthand text messages such as “LOL” that can be translated into full wording (“laugh out loud”) for landline recipients. TeleMessage offers cross-platform media messaging management systems and applications which are designed to enable personal computer, browser, mobile phone and wireline telephone users to send, receive and manage voice messages, email, SMS, IM and MMS across various media platforms. It supports multiple languages, text to speech conversion, e-mail notification, unlimited SMS length, and direct reply to SMS capabilities.

Deighton continues, “Shares in Messaging International surged more than 250 percent to levels not seen since late 2006 with trading volumes the highest since early 2007 and at more than 100 times their 30-day rolling average.”

“‘There’s various comments about Apple. To our knowledge there’s no evidence (of a deal),’ said a spokeswoman for the company which based on Tuesday’s closing price had a market value of just 1.18 million pounds ($1.94 million),” Deighton reports.

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  1. Hot damn ! Massaging International ! I’ll take a hot blond Swedish chick with …

    Ah crap, this lousy dyslexia. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”red face” style=”border:0;” />

  2. “Queue the SEC investigation in three, two, one….”

    The stock is traded on the London exchange. SEC can’t really do anything about it, even if they found the reason to do something.

  3. “Queue the SEC investigation in three, two, one….”

    Shouldn’t that be “Cue the SEC investigation…”. Or are you using TeleMessage to convert speech to text?

  4. @Malthus: “‘Queue the SEC investigation in three, two, one….'”
    Shouldn’t that be “Cue the SEC investigation…”.

    If you lived on the other side of the pond you’d be standing in a queue (a line) to get the SEC to do something (on a cold day in hell).

  5. “Queue the SEC investigation in three, two, one….”

    Shouldn’t that be “Cue the SEC investigation…”.

    Actually, either could be considered appropriate. And the Brits tend to be very orderly in their queueing.

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