Apple shares climb after RBC Capital analyst predicts future gains for iPhone

Apple Online Store “Apple Inc. shares [AAPL] rose modestly Tuesday after RBC Capital Markets predicted more success for the iPhone as the smart phone market grows,” The Associated Press reports.

“RBC analyst Mike Abramsky raised his target for Apple shares to $250 from $190,” AP reports. “He expects 31.4 million iPhones to be sold in Apple’s 2010 fiscal year, which begins in October. In the three months that ended June 27, Apple sold 5.2 million of the phones.”

“Abramsky said Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple is poised to take advantage of a growing market for smart phones,” AP reports. “He expects they will account for 35 percent of the global handset market by 2012.”

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  1. I just returned from 3 weeks in Europe and the number of people carrying iPhones made me feel warm all over. In one notable sighting I was riding the Paris Metro and the guy next to me was explaining how his iPhone works to the girl across the aisle. It was the same scene I’ve seen for the past 2+ years in the US, only in French.

  2. The NASDAQ itself is up, Could Apple share price slight rebound from yesterday be due to, something other then RBC’s unimportant predictions!?! Yes, I’d say RBC’s ANALyst has nothing to do with Apple’s Stock price rebounding a little today. If the AAPL Price had spiked to say $200.00 while the NASDAQ was way, way down then maybe RBC’ ANALyst might be due some credit but, the stick is the RBC ANALyst is due no credit for AAPL’s price rise today or an day.

  3. > He expects they will account for 35 percent of the global handset market by 2012.

    35% of the overall global handset market, not just smart phones? If that happens, that would be intensely profitable for Apple. In that light, the $250 target for AAPL is way too low.

  4. While RBC’s predictions for Apple are nice, to-day NASDAQ is up 1.3%, RIMM is up 4.75% and AAPL is up 2.69%. The headline attributing Apple’s increase to RBC is silly. It might just as well have read RBC’s AAPL forecast resulted in RIMM increasing faster than AAPL. Another reason might be that RIMM stock is cheaper for the small investor.

    What we do know is that two years from now, technology advances for both companies will play a large role in determining which company’s products lead. It’s hard to imagine that Apple won’t maintain a material lead in consumer appeal; it has far more cash available for R&D;. RIM management indeed faces a huge challenge in appealing to the consumer market. The stock market hasn’t caught onto that yet.

  5. Why is it that whenever the NASDAQ goes up, news headlines give some crackpot explanation about why AAPL shares also moved the same way? Today AAPL moved up because of an RBC analyst, but yesterday when AAPL moved down it was a “broad technology selloff” or something such. When even journalists jump to such unjustified conclusions, it’s no wonder people believe so much crap.

  6. Unless someone comes up with a better smart phone the the iPhone, Apple will dominate the market just like it did with the mp3 market. Try 75% easily. 50% would be the down side guess. Keep in mind that as Apple opens up new countries, the multi year contracts may have to end to see all of the switchers switch.

    People want the best and the iPhone is still the best!

  7. I cannot forget that Mike Abramsky is the same guy (along with Katie Hubert [sp?]) who slapped a $70 price target on Apple’s stock last fall which fomented investors’ fears and helped CRUSH the stock. I had no choice but to sell my holdings at this most inopportune moment while the stock was tanking because I needed cash in the near term. Their lack of vision as to Apple’s future is pathetic. Imagine, less than one year later, his price target goes from $70 to $250, with no new Apple products announced in that period, save for the usual iPhone, iPod, Mac refreshes.

  8. “Gotta love those Canadians, the Royal Bank of Canada is spot-on with those predictions!”

    This is crazy, the day before the whole makret was down 150 points and Apple was about 152 bucks a share, a huge buying opportunity.

    The stock goes back to normal, and now we’re connecting it to this RBC call? Over the course of 2-3 days the stock price effectively DID NOT MOVE.

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