Apple iPhone now most-used camera on Flickr

Apple Online Store “The iPhone has become the most frequently used camera for Flickr photos, according to the photo site’s Camera Finder,” Electronista reports.

“While not providing a timeline for when this happened or its percentage of the market, the Yahoo-owned site shows that Apple’s smartphone has just recently overtaken the Canon Digital Rebel XTi in overall popularity for submissions,” Electronista reports. “About 12.4 million photos have been identified as coming from some form of iPhone, with an average of 5,017 users uploading photos every day.”

Electronista reports, “As always, Flickr hasn’t attempted to explain the gain, though the launch of the iPhone 3GS in June is the most obvious candidate for the sudden upswing. Besides spurring a sudden abundance of new iPhones in the market, the 3GS is specifically touted for better still shot abilities, such as better sensitivity in low light and touchscreen autofocusing. It can also produce videos usable by Flickr, although utilities are still rare to upload those videos to sites other than MobileMe and YouTube.”

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  1. Lucky youbert, Cubert!


    This wasn’t hard to see this coming, the convenience of an always-connected touch focus and white-point correcting snap-shot taker (my DSLR is a camera).. must be overwhelming.

  2. Just received a notice from TelCel (mexico) I can up grade to the 3G (8GB) for $200.00mn (about $18.00 US) or in September I can upgrade to a 3GS 16GB for $3,000.00mn (about $250.00 US)

    Is the 3GS worth an extra $200.00US?

  3. “overtaken the Canon Digital Rebel XTi”
    Interesting, very interesting..
    A 2mp and 3mp camera phone has overtaken the most popular PROFESSIONAL SLR Digital camera (10.1MP).
    There is a lot of 10Mpix point and shot cameras for less than 3 hundreds, a lot of 5MP cameraphones, and any way, people finds easy to shoot and upload using the 2MP and 3MP camera in the iPhone. Looks like after all, MegaPixels is not the most important feature in a camera.

    The industry definitively needs to open a new category for the iPhone. Apple phone can not be compared any more with the standard “smart phone”.

  4. Well, that’s great except that here we go again with the dumbing down of an amazing medium (digital photography). Cell phone cameras will never compete with even the cheapest digital pocket camera, which means that millions of cell phone users (including iPhone users) are now littering the internet with images of very dubious quality. This is progress???

  5. Troy
    I believe the Rebel line is in a pro-sumer niche.

    Most pictures are not for artistry, but a frozen moment in time to share with others. I can email a shot or video of my grandkids to their parents in near real-time to let them enjoy what is happening.

    Even better, by uploading them to MobileMe, they can be shared by many relatives.

    And later, when I have the time, I can upload other shots taken with my Nikon D60.

  6. Yea, convenience over quality.

    I remember as a kid my mom’s favorite camera was that Instamatic 110. The film negative was not even a half inch square. What crap grainy pictures it took.

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