PC World: Dell fails to wow with ‘Mini3i’ mobile phone (with photos)

“Dell reportedly took the wraps off its China-only smartphone project early Monday in China with the launch of the Dell Mini3i, according to the Chinese blog Netease. I’m not sure how this device relates to earlier attempts by Dell to enter the smartphone market, but judging by the Mini3i’s specs, it’s not hard to see why U.S. carriers have so far been unimpressed with Dell’s mobile device efforts,” Ian Paul reports for PC World.

“The biggest downside to the Mini3i is that it is a 2G phone with no 3G or Wi-Fi capability. Reported specs on the Mini3i include a 3.5-inch touch screen with 360 x 640 resolution, mini USB port, SD card slot (no word on maximum storage size) and a 3.2-megapixel camera. Netease also says the Mini3i has no physical keyboard, and runs an Android-based operating system designed by China Mobile called Open Mobile System (OMS),” Paul reports. “The Mini3i’s design is reminiscent of the Palm Pre with its rounded edges.”

Paul reports, “There was no mention of a launch date for Chinese customers, and it’s not clear if a similar device would launch in the United States. Must have features for a U.S.-version of this device are obviously 3G capability and Wi-Fi, without those two basic ingredients the Mini3i wouldn’t be able to gain any traction against some of the more popular smartphones available today such as the iPhone…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Dell fails to wow. In related “news,” water is wet.


  1. Why do they bother? How much can you sell a phone like that for? $49? iPhone 3G is only $99. i can’t undertand why these companies are aiming their products at the market of 2 years ago. Aim for next year’s competition today and maybe you’ll have a chance.

  2. Scottm4321:

    iPhone costs around $500-600. What you pay upfront ($99) is a downpayment, and the rest of it you pay during your two-year contract.

    There is no way this Dell device could fetch anything north of $250, especially in the Chinese market. Not even if in China you CAN get a multi-year contract with a subsidised device (and a low upfront payment). I have no doubt, the profit margin on this device will be razor thin, which is actually par for course for Dell…

  3. Can we please stop calling every new smart phone that is introduced an “iPhone Killer”? Do you think the boys and girls in the media can start exercising some creativity? And how about also exercising some intelligence!! Any fool realizes that a smart phone made for China has certain needs and 3G is not one of them! Even the iPhone had a some missing features when it was introduced, and it still does today. (Can you say HD Radio Tuner? This is a GREAT move on the part of Zune.)

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