iPhone 3GS is Japan’s bestselling phone

Apple Online Store “It seems Japan, the country with the most advanced mobile infrastructure on the globe, has come to embrace the iPhone. According to a survey conducted by market research company GfK’s Japanese subsidiary [JP], the 32GB model of the iPhone 3GS was the most popular phone in Japan last month,” Serkan Toto reports for MobileCrunch.

Here’s the complete breakdown of Japan’s most popular cell phones last month:

1. Apple iPhone 3GS 32 GB
2. Sharp SH-06A
3. Panasonic 830P
4. Sharp SH-05A
5. NEC N-08A
6. Sony Ericsson Walkman Phone Premier3
7. Sharp SH-02A
8. Casio W63CA
9. Apple iPhone 3GS 16 GB
10. Sharp SH001

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We await the reaction to this news from Wired’s hit-whoring Brian X. Chen with bated breath.

[Attribution: Electronista. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MacRadDoc” for the heads up.]


  1. Lol, if you click the link you can see pictures of the rest of the phones in the top 10. I’d want the iPhone over that trash as well.

    The Japanese still slap high megapixel camera modules on flip phones and call it innovation. They’re been completely outclassed by Apple.

  2. Thank goodness Apple doesn’t have product names like “Apple SH-06A” and “Apple SH-05A”. I hope Sharp doesn’t actually pay people to come up with names, unless they’re engineers, which would explain a lot.

  3. They really should just combine the sales numbers for the iPhone no matter how much memory it has. But two iPhones in the top 10 in Japan is an impressive accomplishment. Nice Job Apple, good show.

  4. Imagine if the Japanese government had a “Yen for Useless” program to stimulate phone sales, and most of the ones bought were Apple.

    Wait. Something like that would never happen….

  5. I am one of those who bought one and am loving it. Other Japanese phones still boast some features that the iPhone does not offer like to ability to pay for stuff using your phone as like a credit card, video calling, tethering, and watching TV but the other features of the iPhone such as use-ability make it much better and much more fun to use.

    Normally I have liked flip phones and unfortunately I don’t suppose there is much chance that some sort of flip version will ever be brought out. I guess it is just the trekker in me, hehe. So I got a case that flips up and I guess that will have to do.

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