PC World posts ‘Top 10 Apple Dream Tablets’ image gallery

“With so many Apple Tablet rumors flying around, some of them conflicting, there’s obviously a lot of dreamers out there. Fortunately, some Apple Tablet dreamers have a knack for graphic design, providing plenty of takes on what the fabled Apple tablet touch screen computer or mobile device might look like,” PC World reports.

Here are 10 of PC World’s favorites:

• The iPhone 4G by Orgut Cayli
• The Mac Tablet by Isamu Sanada
• MacBook Plus Tablet by Glenn Derene
• “Yet Another Fake Tablet” by Max Vinegar
• The Apple NetBook by MacFormat
• MacBook Touch by Tommaso Gecchelin
• MacTab by Yann Le Corroler
• MacTouch by TechnoMinds
• LMac Touch by Mayyen Chan
• Apple Tablet by MacLife

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Of the ten concepts above, which one do you rate the best and which one do you rate the worst?


  1. “The Apple NetBook by MacFormat” is the closest looking to what it might look like.

    “MacBook Touch by Tommaso Gecchelin” is the coolest concept.

    The others would be too heavy, too big, or stupidly old looking. “The iPhone 4G by Orgut Cayli” which while looks good would be stupid to have Phone built into something that big.

  2. Most of these are total fail. A folding computer? WTF is that thing on the MacTouch version? Looks like an invitation for gorilla arm.
    The one on Popular Mech would never happen. Apple would never design something that folds making the base is uneven. The ones that are all modular. Nope Apple wouldn’t design that either.

    The one on Mac Life is a decent concept, I like the idea of docking it with a computer. The one on Macformat is probably the most likely solution.

  3. MacFormat & MacLife — it’s gotta be used both ways, but the mic in the former just looks weird. Certainly some kind of “docking” and some sort of self standing element ala MacTab — but remember, it’s gotta be light & easy to hold, etc. like a Kindle — and it’s gonna be called iBook. And realistically, I do not see it till next year, it has to be done right, and more time for negotiations with the publishing world.

  4. They all seem to miss the obvious however, and that is screen resolution. If Apple makes a tablet it will most likely have a screen resolution of 1280×720. iTouch HD.

  5. Sure a folding computer. Haven’t you ever watched Firefly or Bladerunner? Star Trek is the Microsoft future. That’s why their consoles are always exploding.

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