Images of iPod nano 5G and iPod touch 3G, both sporting cameras, leaked? (with images)

Promais is a leading Portuguese online store and Authorized Apple reseller that has seemingly jumped the gun by offering “JIVO” cases for Apple’s next-gen “iPod nano 5G” and “iPod touch 3G.”

With images. Whoops!

If these cases are genuine, it seems quite apparent that Apple’s next-gen iPod nano and iPod touch models will both feature built-in cameras.

Promais’ iPod nano 5G page is here.

Promais’ iPod touch 3G page is here.


  1. A friend asked me how the video on the iPhone was last night and I said it was really stupid that apple put the camera hole on the side because when you are shooting video and rotating the camera, it will pan faster in one direction that the other because clockwise the camera moves faster as it is on the inside axis and has a shorter distance to travel over a fixed time. Counterclockwise, it has a much larger arc to travel as it is on the outside so you get a slower pan over the same fixed time. The produces much funkiness when you are walking with the camera and shooting if you don’t keep super steady.

    The lens in the middle would fix the problem. very important for video. a big design flaw.

  2. dd:

    What you said makes almost no sense at all, even with all the detailed explaining behind it.

    When you shoot video from the iPhone, you hold the device sideways. When you pan with it, you don’t rotate the device around its own axis (that would be silly, since you’d be looking at the screen at an increasingly odd angle, rather than straight at it). Instead, you pan by rotating your body, or at least swinging your arm(s), together with the phone, so that you can continue to look straight at it. The axis of rotation is so far away from the iPhone, the actual lens is probably barely a fraction of a degree off to the side from the radial between the centre of the axis of rotation and the subject being shot. In other words, that pan shot still looks like a pan, or at worst, a pan plus a sideways tracking, rather than pan/tracking/dolly in two axes.

    It’s just a non-issue, and certainly not a design flaw.

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