Images of iPod nano 5G and iPod touch 3G, both sporting cameras, leaked? (with images)

Promais is a leading Portuguese online store and Authorized Apple reseller that has seemingly jumped the gun by offering “JIVO” cases for Apple’s next-gen “iPod nano 5G” and “iPod touch 3G.”

With images. Whoops!

If these cases are genuine, it seems quite apparent that Apple’s next-gen iPod nano and iPod touch models will both feature built-in cameras.

Promais’ iPod nano 5G page is here.

Promais’ iPod touch 3G page is here.


  1. Is the internal architecture of the Touch so different that the camera would be in a different place? Also the camera on the nano seems to be in a place that would be very easy to obscure when holding the thing.

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