Report: Apple spotted shooting ad for as-yet-unreleased product

According to a report, Apple, Inc. has been working on shooting an ad for an unreleased product.

The Sierra Sun is reporting that Apple has been spotted in Truckee, California, shooting an advertisement at a diner called “Jax at the Tracks.” Truckee sits at an elevation of 5,817 feet in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

The newspaper reports that “because the product they were advertising hadn’t been released, members of the group didn’t release any information, or allow any photographs.”

According to the report, Bud Haley, owner of “Jax at the Tracks,” said, “Apple found us, they’re trying to show us as a hip and cool spot for the 20-something crowd.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, Jobs first has to be up the mountain before he can come down bearing tablets.


  1. This is interesting. If true, it would be a real departure for Apple and their product messaging. I can’t remember the last Apple advert that was shot on location. Could point to a new campaign for a new type of product.

  2. @TowerTone

    This, is Lauren. She wants a tablet with…

    “Single touch control, USB keyboard, and a screen for watching videos…”

    For under $700.

    … the add concludes with Lauren getting an Etch-A-Sketch

  3. @January 24, 1984
    Some glasses to get rid off any screen?
    Yeah! Very good thing!
    With automatic 3D when at hand… of course!

    PS It will just be a little difficult to have it with tactile functions… Or maybe some extra cameras will analyse ones gestures?

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