Next-gen Apple TV to be a Mac mini with Blu-ray?

“With the Mac mini’s hardware and the Apple TV’s software, Apple has the best of both worlds. And that’s just what I think the next Apple media center will look like,” Jim Dalrymple writes for The Loop.

“With an optional Blu-ray drive, users will be able to purchase a Mac mini complete with Apple TV software included,” Dalrymple writes. “That means you can have a full media center, with the ability to burn DVD or Blu-ray disks.”

“Of course, with the Blu-ray and DVD support, you will also be able to watch movies just like you would from your home theater setup. The Apple TV software will allow you to do all the things you do now, like purchase shows and movies, but the hardware configuration takes it to the next level,” Dalrymple writes. “This would also explain the news over the weekend that iTunes 9 will support Blu-ray.”

Dalrymple writes, “It would be nice to have built-in DVR functionality with the Apple TV, but that’s not crucial. Because you are using a Mac mini, it’s easy to install Elgato’s EyeTV and a TV tuner, which would turn your Mac mini/Apple TV hybrid into everything you wanted in a Mac media center.”

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  1. I guess this guy has already wrote his iTablet article and has nothing else to write about. How many times are we going to re-hash this topic? Blu-ray, DVR, mac mini – same arguments…

  2. Not going to happen. Apple will announce Hulu support and possibly netflix streaming. Or a monthly subscription for movies from the iTunes store if you stream them. Like 9.99 a month for higher quality, portable content you can stream to apple tv or you iPhone/itouch

  3. I must admin, I love the idea of being able to throw in a DVD or BluRay disc and watch it on my HDTV. Or being able to browse and rent/download movies or tv shows on the fly. Or browse my library of movies and watch whatever I want. Or set it up with my Cable or Satellite provider to record shows. All in one easy to find place.

    Media Center is a bad title. iHub (or Entertainment Hub) would be a better title. Especially if you could stream it on your network to other Mac’s/Apple TV’s. (and iPhone/iPod Touch’s).

    It could be powerful. But baby steps. There were a lot of steps between OS 10.0 and OS 10.6, so to must the AppleTV Progress.

  4. So, Steve, what is holding this up? Are we looking to take this market too or are we just going to pass it by? This could have been done a long time ago. But, NOW would be a good time to give us the home media center that you talked about years ago.

  5. imo blu ray is overrated

    some of the discs are superb , but sadly more than a few are no better than upscaled dvd

    factor in the sheer convenience of apple tv / itms video and personally i’m sold

    i’m not buyiing any new br unless they’re really something special

    been stung by plenty of crap bd’s and surprised by the quality of apple’s downloads

  6. I would buy this. If I could shrink my TV devices all down to one unit I would be very happy. I love my apple TV. But I need way more disk space and constantly housing 2 copies of video (Mac and the ATV) is really a waste of space. Not to mention, I don’t want to run my Mac all day long just to feed media to the ATV.

    Or, they can just enable the USB port for an EXT drive. I’d be happy with that.

  7. @gog

    Because it makes more sense to use the ipod touch/iPhone as a remote control which is just in front of you. The future of mobile computing is wireless.

    The next appleTV will be more iPod then ever because Apple will change to ARM CPUs and open the device to the AppSTore.

  8. @flappo,

    You must have a 720p display, and an iffy one at that. I haven’t seen a single BD that doesn’t DESTROY scaled DVD. Even the relatively lame BD’s (some old catalog titles) are far superior to scaled DVD. I don’t know what you’re looking at, but it isn’t even close. If you think they are, there’s something wrong with your setup.

    Oh, and if you’re surprised at Apple’s downloads, it also makes me wonder what you’re looking at. Talk about not much better than scaled DVD…

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