Apple Online Store“The web browser for the Zune HD will be one of the highlights of Microsoft’s media player when it ships, a hands-on with the devices show,” Electronista reports.

“Testing with the player by CNET reveals that the browser, although made by the Internet Explorer team, is directly comparable to Safari for the iPhone and can do nearly everything Apple’s software can, including multi-touch commands and the on-screen keyboard,” Electronista reports. “It only lacks recognition of embedded video.”

CNET’s Senior Editor Donald Bell says that “the player itself is ‘expensive, solid, and sexy,’ It’s slightly thicker than the iPod touch but considerably narrower due to its smaller and lower resolution 480×272 display,” Electronista reports.

Electronista reports, “Microsoft won’t yet commit to a price or a ship date for the player, although it’s expected in September at or near $249 for a 16GB model.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As with all Zune products, the reason for this one’s existence – beyond Microsoft’s indescribably misplaced vanity and utter mismanagement – completely escapes us. Perhaps the whole Zune fiasco is designed to burn millions as some sort of tax write-off? Whatever it’s supposed to be, Zune is a very effective at one thing: Eviscerating the Microsoft brand (as if it needed any help after Vista).