Apple says bye-bye to Shake; Aperture next to go?

“The recent abrupt discontinuation of Apple’s Shake professional compositing software has left fans of the company’s professional photography workflow tool, Aperture, nervous about the future of that product too. On many user forums people are discussing Aperture with an impending sense of doom. It’s been quite some time since Aperture was updated, and reports from the internet suggest that many users have left the software in favor of Adobe’s rival product, Lightroom,” Thomas Fitzgerald blogs. “So should Aperture users be worried?”

Fitzgerald writes, “In a word, no. There are some pretty big differences between the situation with Aperture and the situation with Shake. Shake was a very old piece of software that Apple had bought and continued to develop. However, development on it had pretty much stopped when Apple lowered the price of it a few years ago. Since then the product has been on life support. Recently all marketing efforts for Shake had been ceased and there hasn’t been a service upgrade for it in a long time. People were surprised primarily because rumor sites had suggested that Apple had been working on a replacement for Shake, but unfortunately this never materialized. With Aperture however Apple are still actively marketing the software.”

Fitzgerald writes, “What’s more, Aperture received a maintenance upgrade in March of this year, and Raw support has continued to be added through operating system upgrades and system patches… I highly doubt Aperture is going away. Despite it’s troubled birth I suspect that the software is still actively being developed as we speak. Unfortunately Apple’s lack of communication on any level is not helping.”

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  1. Well that headline made my heart jump!

    I am not a pro photographer but use Aperture and have found it to be a really good tool. Though admittedly one that I need to learn more about and get better at using.

    The potential market for Aperture has got to be huge compared to the market for Shake. It’s a market that will fuel Mac sales as well. I can’t imagine Apple walking away from it.

  2. After recently seeing an Apple rep demo Aperture 2 with Nik Effects software, I bought the combination package that Apple is promoting.

    The package gave me;
    Aperture 2 and Nik Complete Collection for Aperture, for a price that basically gave me Aperture 2 for free.

    I highly doubt Apple would be pushing this product and putting effort into teaming with partners, if Apple intended to let this product die.

    My photographer friends use and recommended Aperture, and I can only see sales growth for this software.

    I don’t think Aperture users have anything to worry about.

  3. I tried Aperture. I tried Lightroom. I went with Lightroom. I hope Aperture stays around. Two competitive programs improve both. Lightroom 2, for example, is a great improvement over version 1. I’m sure that’s because they were looking at Aperture and thinking ‘good enough’ won’t cut it this time.

  4. I suspect the opposite — Apple stabilized Aperture’s infrastructure in the 2.0 development cycle, and the 3.0 cycle is likely to incorporate major front-end improvements.

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