Microsoft demos Windows Phone OS (Windows Mobile 6.5); promises ‘multi-touch’ for next version

“At a recent Microsoft event the INQ was given an exclusive walkthrough of the final version of the new Windows Phone operating system, running on a touch screen HTC Touch Diamond2,” Rob Kerr reports for The Inquirer. Here is “a video of that demonstration of the final version of the Windows Phone OS, which was previously known as Windows Mobile 6.5 [unofficially due for October release].”

Direct link to video via here.

Kerr reports, “The Market Place for Windows Phone is also demonstrated. This is the online software application repository for the Windows Phone, which is much like Apple’s iTunes App Store on the iPhone… Also appearing for the first time here on the INQ are the new My Phone [à la MobileMe] synchronisation features of the Windows Phone OS, with which the mobile’s contents can all be backed-up to the cloud via a Windows Live account.”

Kerr reports, “Still missing from Windows Phone is the multi touch ‘pinch to zoom in and out’ ability of the Iphone, which is not due to appear until the next Windows Phone OS release.”

Full article here.

[Attribution: Electronista. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I like how they make the clock display really big but it’s placed in a location where your interaction with the phone usually obscure it. Nice example of their thoughtful design.

    Thankfully the camera did not pan down any farther.

  2. Oh my g-a-w-d what a piece of crap! Slow. Derivative. Ugly. Clumsy. Maybe years ago Microsoft engineers could sleep at night by counting stock options. But now?

    When Apple said in 2007 they were five years ahead of anyone else, it was not just hyperbole. Maybe they’ll have multi-touch (if they can get around Apple’s patents) in 2010 or 2011 but they’ll *still* be behind!

  3. I don’ t get why MS wasn’t able to bring multi-touch, or something like it, to its phone OS.

    Just after iPhone was introduced, Microsoft showed off its “Big Ass Table,” which had a kind of multi-touch interface.

    Why couldn’t they import that technology to its phone OS?

    This shouldn’t matter to me, though, b/c iMatt is an iPhone kind of guy…

  4. Derivative poo!!!

    I wonder, when there’s nobody around do you think this dude puts his “me-too” phone away and pulls out an iPhone to get some real stuff done?

    And to quote uncle Fester:
    “…it doesn’t have a keyboard which makes it not a very good email machine.”

    PMSL, how does that crow taste Balmy?

    Arse lol

  5. Microsoft is becoming a no name brand. Kind of like a no name brand Miracle Whip…only it turns out to be sour cream…which wasn’t supposed to be sour.

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