Why ‘MacBook touch’ (iTablet) will become Apple’s flagship product and change society as we know it

“Digital content has been available for years but the right vehicle to consume the content has been lacking. We still cut down trees and hand deliver newspapers to people’s homes. That worked in 1900 but 2009? Are you kidding me? The iTouch Tablet is about to change society as we know it. The demand for this product is going to overwhelm Apple,” Jason Schwarz, Chief Options Strategist for Lone Peak Asset Management, writes for Seeking Alpha.

“I see this device taking its place at the high end of the iPod family; it will be a larger version of the iPod Touch. This product won’t fall quietly into place however. The iTouch Tablet launch is primed to be the most significant in the history of Apple,” Schwarz writes.

The following four reasons provide support for the claim:

1) Apple Finally has an App Machine
2) Mobile High Speed Connectivity
3) Free Communication
4) No Carrier Exclusivity

Schwarz writes, “Being a member of the iPod family means that this new iTouch will be announced at the typical iPod refresh event during the first full week of September. I anticipate the euphoria of Steve Jobs being back on stage introducing a revolutionary new product will cause the stock to surge ahead of the unveiling. Seeing adults stand in line while wearing their pajamas in the early morning hours to purchase the first iTouch Tablet will cause the stock to react again in October. The conclusion is simple. Apple owns the tech revolution. The rise of the dot-com’s got out of control at the beginning of the decade for all the right reasons but the infrastructure wasn’t ready to justify the digital transition. Now that the infrastructure is ready, society will embrace the iTouch Tablet in a way that might even surprise the visionary himself.”

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