RUMOR: Apple’s ‘Macbook touch’ due in October for $800

Samsung Deals“Rumors of a touchscreen Apple netbook gained fuel on Monday with a claim by China’s InfoTimes that supposedly confirms launch details,” Electronista reports.

“Backing earlier claims, the site says the system will use a 9.7-inch touchscreen supplied by Wintek and is due to ship in October,” Electeonista reports. “Apple is expected to avoid competing directly with regular, sub-$500 netbooks and may use the touchscreen and other features to bring the price closer to $800.”

Electronista reports, “Because of the focus on touch input, Apple is reportedly switching suppliers. Although Quanta will assemble most MacBooks this year, Foxconn is said to have been picked for building the computer thanks to its existing involvement in building and even designing the iPhone. Foxconn has publicly declined comment, but InfoTimes says it has obtained confirmation from the company in private.”

More in the full article here.

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