PC World’s Coursey: Is Office 2010 really the best Microsoft can do?

Samsung Deals“From what’s been reported so far, I don’t see much to like about Office 2010. The discussion thus far has lacked a single “killer feature” that makes me want to plunk down a few hundred dollars for an Office that seems only a teensy bit better than what I am already using,” David Coursey writes for PC World.

“In fact, the real ‘killer’ aspect of the announcement may be what a free online version of Office does to the chance of consumers and very small businesses ever paying for Office again,” Coursey writes. “Microsoft can blame that on the Googleopoly, right?”

Coursey writes, “OK, it won’t be that bad and Microsoft will doubtless leave so much out of an online Office that most business users will stay away simply because it doesn’t do what they need done. But, it’s a sad day when a new version of Office can’t generate more excitement than this one has been able to.”

“Office 2010 is being shown today at Microsoft’s Partner Conference shindig down in New Orleans,” Coursey writes. “I know there is some disaster symbolism at work here, but why besmirch the name of a perfectly horrible hurricane?”

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