Kiss your Mac OS X Dock goodbye

“When Apple introduced the Dock with OS X, people immediately either loved it or hated it. Over time, we all got used to it. Among some of the usability complaints about the Dock is the fact that, without hacking, you can’t simply get rid of it. Hiding the Dock will only get you so far — it still pops up at inopportune times. If you’re frustrated by the inability to completely hide the Dock, there is a simple solution,” James Dempsey reports for TheAppleBlog.

“Enter Dock Gone, by Old Jewel Software. Dock Gone [US$14.95, 15-day demo avail.) is an OS X System Preference Pane which allows you to turn off the Dock completely, not just hide it,” Dempsey reports.

“Like any great Mac application, Dock Gone offers more than one option to turn on and off your Dock: via the Preference Pane, a menubar icon, or a keyboard shortcut — which you can customize any way you like. You can even have it play a system sound when the Dock is turned on and off,” Dempsey reports.

FInd out more in the full article here.

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