NYC thieves want iPhones, victims are fighting back with tech like Apple’s ‘Find My iPhone’

MobileMe - Apple Store (U.S.)“Thieves are increasingly going after iPhones and other ‘smart phones’ but victims now can fight back with technology,” Edith Honan reports for Reuters.

“One device allows a user to remotely activate a loud siren designed to rattle the thief. Another application, designed for iPhones, can reveal the phone’s location,” Honan reports.

“Police statistics show petty crime is down in New York but anecdotal evidence and recent headlines about street muggings targeting costly and coveted devices like Apple’s iPhone,” Honan reports.

“New technology helps owners of expensive gadgets to get them back after they are lost or stolen. The Find My iPhone feature from Apple, which declined to comment for this story, enables users to determine the phone’s location and erase the data on it, among other things,” Honan reports.

“A Chicago blogger who tried the feature after his iPhone disappeared tracked the phone’s movements from a friend’s computer. According to his post here, he got his phone back — and a handshake from the surprised culprit,” Honan reports.

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