Apple’s Mac sales surge due in part to Microsoft’s ill-conceived ‘Laptop Hunters’ ads?

“I notice that Microsoft has yet to change its TV ‘Laptop Hunter’ ads since Apple cut the price of Mac notebooks. Not only were those spots misleading before, but they now contain downright lies,” Gene Steinberg writes for MacNightOwl.

“For a while, some felt that perhaps Apple was indeed being impacted by that renewed campaign against the Mac and the perilous state of the economy… [However] according to analyst Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley, “Apple began to outperform the broader commercial PC segment — with commercial Mac shipments up 25% month-over-month in May versus market growth of just 1%.” As AppleInsider notes in its story about her report, Huberty is notorious for underestimating Apple’s sales. Fascinating indeed, because it seems to indicate that even the skeptics are impressed,” Steinberg writes.

“I realize some might still suggest that Apple’s sales would be better without the counterarguments from Microsoft, but I’d rather be charitable and suggest that those ad campaigns have had no impact whatever. They’re just fodder for the Fast Forward button on your cable or satellite DVR. Or maybe some felt so disgusted, they went out and bought Macs to express their negative opinions of Microsoft,” Steinberg writes.

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MacDailyNews Take: Maybe people don’t identify with sticker-price obsessed hipster wannabes, rico suaves, soccer moms, kids, and greaseballs “filmmakers” who seem unable to grasp even the basics of buying a personal computer? There’s a good chance that people don’t want to think of themselves as cheap, shortsighted ignoramuses who’ll settle for a poor man’s Mac when the real thing is right around the corner or even in the next aisle. Life is short. Get a Mac.

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