Developer: Apple’s iPhone the dawn of mobile computing; Google’s Android a mess

Apple Online Store “There is great money to be made from iPhone apps development, it’s the answer to software piracy and developing for Android will be a nightmare. These are the thoughts of one of the most successful independent iPhone and Mac widgets developers in the world,” David Swan reports for iTWire.

“Marc Edwards heads iSlayer, claimed to be the ‘biggest mac widget developer in the world,’ and designs and develops iPhone apps for his new company Bjango,” Swan reports. “He shares some interesting thoughts about the new iPhone and software piracy, has one big complaint about the App Store, and gives a developer’s perspective about why developing for Android would be such a mess.

Swan reports, “Founded in March 2005, iSlayer has had phenomenonal success in the field of Apple widgets, with three number 1 widgets on Apple’s Top 10 list, and over 15 million downloads. He is the widget world’s Beatles, but his apps are surprisingly simple. His most famous is a Mac system usage monitor, iStat Pro, which has become a staple download for any serious Mac owner.

“‘On the iPhone 3GS Edwards couldn’t praise it enough, describing it in terms of hardware as incredible, saying ‘the difference in speed between the iPhone 3G and the 3GS is unbelievable, and when games can start taking advantage of that we’re going to see some amazing titles,'” Swan reports. “He’s also a big fan of the platform in general, hailing Apple for designing each device to ‘work the same,’ comparing it favourably to Android, which he described as a ‘mess.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]

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