Apple iPhone 3GS so-called ‘overheating issue’ overblown?

“For the past few days, the blogosphere has been burning up with reports of the new Apple iPhone 3GS overheating and all signs point to the battery,” Andrew R Hickey reports for ChannelWeb. “But is the issue getting blown out of proportion?”

“No one has reported their Apple iPhone 3G S catching fire or smoking. So far, all that’s surfaced are a few tales of the new iPhone getting ‘warm’ or ‘pretty hot’ and one instance of a user in France whose iPhone 3G S turned pinkish after it became hot to the touch,” Hickey reports. “Several bloggers and reporters, however, are already calling for an iPhone 3GS recall. Really? It appears that we in the media are the ones making a mountain out of a molehill that may or may not be a little warmer than its supposed to be.”

“Are everyday iPhone 3G S users experiencing the same heat [as the bloggers]? Searches of a host of Apple-focused Web forums prove otherwise. There are a few threads here and there touching on overheating, but not enough to consider it a rampant problem,” Hickey reports. “Meanwhile, Wired reported that the overheating issue affects only a ‘small number’ of iPhone 3G S smartphones.”

Hickey reports, “A search of Twitter also uncovered few, if any, iPhone 3G S users complaining about overheating. Instead, the search returned a host of journalists and bloggers seeking iPhone users with overheating iPhones. But those users aren’t there.”

“Right now, it’s still too soon to tell if the iPhone overheating is a limited or isolated problem or if it will be widespread and prompt a recall,” Hickey reports. “But as it stands it appears the issue is being overblown.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Gee, now who would stand to benefit if some “iPhone problem” could be successfully ginned up in the press? Even one as far-fetched as Apple failing to do elementary product research? Apple knows all about thermal dissipation in small handheld devices, folks. It’s just a mistake that’s very unlikely to have been made by Apple. Maybe, just maybe, besides being overblown, it’s *gasp* being planted by someone or some group for some reason? Follow the money, as they say? Apple’s in the process of rearranging entire industries; some of the old guard have nothing left but FUD.

Feel free to call us conspiracy theorists. It’s just that we’ve seen this same last ditch attempt being deployed with the last several iPod and iPhone models and we have several iPhone 3GS models currntly in action, none of which has any problem whatsoever, much less with “overheating.”

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