Steve Jobs 3.0: Apple’s CEO set to return

“I joined Creative Strategies in 1981 when the only personal computer on the market was the Apple II. That machine was considered a hobbyist computer until an application called VisiCalc came out, and the world started looking at this “toy” computer in a different light,” Tim Bajarin writes for PC Magazine.

“I am one of the few professional analysts who have followed Apple pretty much from its inception, and that is why when I look at the issue of Steve Jobs’s return to the office I might have a different perspective from most,” Bajarin writes. “While Apple’s fans and shareholders may be hoping Jobs will get back in the saddle and spend all of his waking days and nights managing the company again, I don’t believe that will happen.”

“In fact, things will be very different for him and his team. Part of the reason is that Jobs has had a near-death health issue to deal with, and he may now realize that his most important role will be to create a vision that can be carried forward for decades, not just the next product cycle,” Bajarin writes.

“I remember talking to one of Disney’s top executives about [Walt Disney] in the early nineties, and he pointed out that after Walt’s death, whenever they would work on a new project or investment, they would always ask ‘What would Walt do?’ That was their guidepost for decisions about Disney’s future,” Bajarin writes. “I see a real parallel between Walt Disney’s visionary approach to guiding his company and the role Jobs will be playing when he returns to Apple.”

“Surely he will not come back to Apple and work 40 to 60 hours a week again,” Bajarin writes. “Instead, I believe he will be around for the big decisions and help refine the projects that are already on the drawing board. But it is my educated opinion that Jobs’s real role when he comes back will be to reinforce his vision for Apple. It will be a vision that spans at least the next two decades, and one that can be achieved whether he is there to lead his team or not.”

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