Apple CEO Steve Jobs returns to work, but who’s running the show?

“Steve Jobs, as promised or projected, returned to work today just as Apple has consistently said he would since taking his medical leave in January,” Jim Goldman writes for CNBC.

“While Cupertino is happy to have Jobs back, Apple will have to face some deeper questions that the company won’t be able to shuck and dive from. Jobs did return today, according to official word from Apple, but only in a part time capacity, working a few days at the office and the remainder from home. I won’t quibble with Jobs’ part time status, since Apple — splitting hairs — merely said he would return to work at the end of June, but never said whether that meant full or part time,” Goldman writes. “Maybe those of us covering the company should have asked?”

Goldman writes, “Tim Cook, Apple’s chief operating officer, has done yeoman’s work keeping this company on track in Jobs’ absence… [Now], shareholders have a right to know who is running the show. Assumptions aren’t good enough. Suppositions aren’t good enough. Letting investors connect the dots isn’t good enough.”

Full article here.

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