Running with Nike+iPhone 3GS

Nike + iPod Sensor“The iPhone 3GS, like the second generation iPod touch, includes built-in Nike+iPod support to monitor your workouts. Runners can purchase the Nike+iPod Sensor for $19 and slip it into either a Nike+ compatible shoe or any shoe. The iPhone 3GS is thus able to track distance, calories, pace, and workout duration during a run. The iPhone 3GS has a built-in receiver that eliminates the need to plug in the receiver sold with the Nike + iPod Sport Kit,” David Martin reports for CNET.

“The Nike + iPod app is easy to use after you link it to your iPhone 3GS. You simply go to Settings, choose Nike+iPod and turn Nike+iPod on. When Nike+iPod is turned on, its icon appears in Springboard (iPhone desktop),” Martin reports.

“Once you have completed your run (or walk), dock your iPhone to your computer and use iTunes (Apple support document) to upload your workout statistics to You use that Web site to track your progress, set your goals, and participate in challenges against others,” Martin reports.

Full article, with screenshots, here.

Mark McClusky reports for Wired Magazine, “We can live longer and better by applying, on a personal scale, the same quantitative mindset that powers Google and medical research. Call it Living by Numbers—the ability to gather and analyze data about yourself, setting up a feedback loop that we can use to upgrade our lives, from better health to better habits to better performance.”

“Few things illustrate the power and promise of Living by Numbers quite as clearly as the Nike+ system. By combining a dead-simple way to amass data with tools to use and share it, Nike has attracted the largest community of runners ever assembled—more than 1.2 million runners who have collectively tracked more than 130 million miles and burned more than 13 billion calories,” McClusky reports.

“With such a huge group, Nike is learning things we’ve never known before. In the winter, people in the US run more often than those in Europe and Africa, but for shorter distances. The average duration of a run worldwide is 35 minutes, and the most popular Nike+ Powersong, which runners can set to give them extra motivation, is “Pump It” by the Black Eyed Peas,” McClusky reports.

Full article, which details the behind-the-scenes collaboration between Nike and Apple and the history of Nike+iPod, here.

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