’s Hall: Give Steve Jobs a break from all the undue health scrutiny

New MacBook Pro“I’m fed up with the obsession about the health of Steve Jobs and the constant intrusion of the world into his medical matters,” Glenn Hall opines for

“The man deserves a little privacy, especially considering he stepped down from an active role at Apple (AAPL Quote) in order to focus on his health,” Hall writes. “Apple has been trying to protect Jobs’ right to medical privacy. Sadly, the doctors who treated him haven’t extended the same courtesy. I can only hope that Jobs authorized the hospital to provide some information to the public because honestly it’s none of our business what happens between a patient and doctor.”

MacDailyNews Note: The Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute made it rather clear in the opening sentence of their statement yesterday: James D. Eason, M.D., program director at Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute and chief of transplantation confirmed today, with the patient’s permission, that Steve Jobs received a liver transplant at Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute in partnership with the University of Tennessee in Memphis.

Hall continues, “This is a technology powerhouse filled with talented people who have demonstrated a more intuitive understanding of what consumers desire from their technology than Research in Motion, Nokia, HP, Dell or pretty much any other company.”

Hall writes, “Let that guide your investment decisions and give Steve Jobs a break from all the undue scrutiny of his health.”

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