InfoWorld’s Cringely: Is Apple CEO Steve Jobs really back to work?

New MacBook Pro“Have you heard the news? Steve Jobs is back,” Robert X. Cringely – the InfoWorld Robert X. Cringely, not the formerly of PBS and now I, Cringely blogger Robert X. Cringely – writes.

“Well, we think it was Jobs,” Cringely writes. “It might have been some other skinny middle-aged guy skulking about Apple’s Cupertino campus wearing jeans and a black turtleneck. But Apple really truly deeply wants us to believe that, in yet another miracle, St. Steven is back on the ball, just a few weeks after upgrading his internal organs.”

“Hey, if Steve really does feel well enough to return to work just weeks after swapping out one of his more important organs, then more power to him. Let’s hope he remains on top of the Apple pile for another 10 years. But I smell the fetid stench of yet another PR move designed to hide the real story about the man and his health. And that ain’t right,” Cringely writes.

“I think the whole notion that Jobs must return by the end of June — or, at least, appear to have returned — is silly,” Cringely writes. “I think he should take as long as he needs to get well.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bernard Flaptool III” for the heads up.]

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