MacDailyNews debuts new mobile site for iPhone and iPod touch users

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of a new, faster, mobile site designed specifically for Apple iPhone and iPod touch users, who now comprise over 10% of MacDailyNews’ visitors (iPhone, 8.92%; iPod touch, 1.13%; May 2009). The site was soft-launched in early June, replacing our original iPhone/iPod touch mobile site. Thanks to everyone who helped us debug along the way!

The new mobile site features the latest headlines about all things Apple. Just tap a headline and the article along with its reader feedback will appear. Visited headlines turn red, so you know which ones you’ve already read.

Users get full Reader Feedback capabilities — now with iPhone-style, properly-sized buttons! Reader Feedback also includes login ability for registered users.

Just visit on your Apple iPhone or iPod touch and you’ll see the new site automatically.

Of course, iPhone and iPod touch users have the ability to switch between “Classic” and “Mobile” versions of MacDailyNews at any time in order to access the full site for 5-day Most Commented, Current Headlines, the MacDailyNews Web Poll, archives, links, etc. iPhone and iPod touch users: Just scroll to the bottom of either site’s front page and choose “Mobile Version” or “Classic Version.”

The mobile version was developed by Gareth and Andy at Great Big Apps who have worked tirelessly to get all of our most minute demands implemented.

Thanks guys!

We hope you find MacDailyNews is now much more usable and enjoyable on your iPhone and/or iPod touch!

MacDailyNews Note: Stay tuned: We have something else “in store” (free) for iPhone and iPod touch users – coming soon…

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