RUMOR: AT&T to launch MMS for Apple iPhone, $55 per month tethering in July

iPod touch and Accessories!Appmodo is reporting that “a source with AT&T” has stated that MMS for the iPhone will be coming mid-July.

In addition, the iPhone tethering option will also be delivered towards the end of July with pricing “around $55 per month.”

Source: Appmodo

MacDailyNews Take: We’re already paying for (pseudo) unlimited data, so $55 is too high for tethering. Even AT&T isn’t that stupid. We hope.

Doug reports for ‘Phone + ‘Book Zone, “With a very easy hack, you can enable tethering for free on your OS 3.0-updated Apple iPhone 3G on the AT&T network in the United States, even though this feature is not scheduled to be available from the carrier until “some time in the future,” according to AT&T officials. For those unaware, tethering simply allows you to use your iPhone as a broadband wireless modem, connecting your MacBook to the internet via AT&T’s 3G network.”

Doug writes, “But…doesn’t it seem too simple? Like it’s too good to be true? After all, with just a free software update, we were getting free 200K/sec speeds with just a little more latency that’s standard for most wireless broadband options. Will AT&T be pulling the plug soon?”

Doug writes, “Maybe not so soon: according to Cult of Mac, who got an AT&T representative to comment on the record, AT&T is looking to Apple to close this loophole:”

In response to questions about tethering with iPhone 3.0, Mark Siegel, AT&T’s Executive Director of Media Relations told Cult of Mac Thursday “anything to do with the software and what it can or can’t do is an area that Apple needs to comment on.” He had no further comment from AT&T regarding tethering on the iPhone, other than to reiterate that “We will offer a tethering plan in the future but have not set a date at this time.”

Doug writes, “So, basically, we think AT&T is going to turn a blind eye towards this for the time being.”

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