O2 reports strong demand in UK for Apple’s new iPhone 3G S

iPod touch and Accessories!“O2, which has the exclusive rights to sell Apple’s new iPhone 3G S in the UK, said by 1.30pm [today] that it had sold more of the phones this year than it in the entire day of the previous model’s launch last year,” Charles Arthur reports for The Guardian.

“A spokeswoman for the company said that the sales total includes both the 3GS and older 3G model, which was released last year, but as the price of the 3G has not changed the difference is probably accounted for by sales of the 3G S,” Arthur reports. “O2 said that some stores may sell out today, to be restocked at the weekend.”

Arthur reports, “According to the company, ‘We sold more iPhone 3G S devices in the first two hours than all handsets we’d normally sell in an average day.’ O2 [said] that the number of customers in its stores was 10 times higher than an average day, and that the black iPhone model was outselling the white one by 3 to 1.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Tom H.” for the heads up.]

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