Survey: 50% of U.S. IT pros considering dumping Windows; most likely to switch to Apple’s Mac OS X

“Windows is by far the most-used PC operating system. Last year, 83% of new PCs sold had Windows built in,” David Goldman reports for CNNMoney.

“Windows 7 may be a shiny and new version… but analysts wonder if customers are willing to give Microsoft a second chance after Vista. Users complain that Vista is sluggish, has too many versions and is susceptible to bugs,” Goldman reports.

“According to a survey of more than 1,000 IT professionals nationwide conducted in March by Dimension Research, 50% said they were considering leaving Windows altogether rather than switch to Windows 7. Apple’s Mac OS X was the system they are most likely to switch to,” Goldman reports.

Goldman reports, “A stunning 83% of IT professionals in the Dimension Research survey skipped a Vista upgrade and continue to use the eight-year old Windows XP — which is ancient, by computer standards. Analysts say businesses will often upgrade their hardware with a new operating system, and the lack of a Vista upgrade means many companies are using older computers that are two or more years past their typical decommissioning period.”

“‘A natural PC sales refresh is coming up from the commercial side, as big companies pushed off a refresh a couple of times during the downturn and kept their old systems,’ said Shim,” Goldman reports. “Still, the rebound won’t happen anytime soon. Enck said the PC market slump could last until at least the third quarter of 2010. And according to a recent Gartner forecast, U.S. PC sales won’t rebound past 2008 levels until 2011.”

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