Beleaguered Palm and Sprint shares fall as Pre fails to lure new customers

“Sprint Nextel Corp. and Palm Inc. shares fell after an analyst at Wachovia Securities Inc. signaled the new Pre touch-screen phone may not be luring customers away from rival carriers,” Amy Thomson reports for Bloomberg.

“A survey of retail sites showed that most buyers of the Pre are already Sprint subscribers, helping the carrier retain customers, Chicago-based Jennifer Fritzsche said in a report today. Palm began selling the Pre exclusively through Sprint in the U.S. on June 6,” Thomson reports. “The research suggests the Pre isn’t drawing customers away from larger rivals AT&T Inc. and Verizon Wireless, Fritzsche said.”

MacDailyNews Take: Sheesh, beleaguered Palm’s plastic-screened scratch/crackfest can’t even compete with Verizon’s even crappier iPhone wannabes.

Thomson reports, “Sprint has lost more than 4 million contract customers in the past year as those carriers introduced more feature-heavy, Web-equipped phones, like the iPhone and the BlackBerry Storm.

MacDailyNews Take: Reporters on a fruitless quest to concoct “balance” where none exists look like idiots when attempting to equate the BlackBerry Storm with Apple’s iPhone. Nobody went to Verizon to get a BlackBerry Storm, Amy:

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Thomson reports, “The Pre, which features a touch screen and Palm’s new WebOS operating software, also faces increasing competition from Apple Inc.’s new iPhone 3G S, which goes on sale this week. Sunnyvale, California-based Palm aims to use the Pre to reclaim its reputation as a pioneer in handheld devices, earned more than a decade ago with the debut of its Pilot model.”

MacDailyNews Take: If by “increasing competition,” Amy means “total annihilation,” she’d be much closer to the truth. Otherwise, give us a break. And Palm is no “pioneer” in handheld devices, that title goes to Apple, who introduced the PDA to the world with Newton. Palm is a derivative company; a follower, not an innovator. If Palm is a pioneer at anything, it’s in sitting around on its collective ass, resting on its laurels, milking/screwing its cusotmers, and then running around in a too-late frenzy like a chicken after Apple lopped off its head.

Here’s a better journalistic recipe for Amy: Substitute Palm press release spin with actual history and facts while also not warping reality beyond recognition by trying to equate an inferior wannabe product with those from the market’s leading innovator in a misplaced stab at “fairness.” If you do so, people will be more inclined to believe what you write.

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