First impressions of Apple’s Mac OS X Snow Leopard Beta (much snappier!)

“alphageek” offers up “Snow Leopard Beta first impressions” for infrageeks:

• Very very nice.

• The Exchange integration is flawless. I plugged in my name, address and password and it automatically found the proper Exchange server, complained about our unsigned certificates (normal) and offered the choice of integrating the Address Book and iCal.

• Terminal: New default font! Alas, Monaco, we knew ye well. That’s going to take some getting used to; us old timers are pretty used to Monaco.

• Pretty complete coverage with Intel 64-bit being the standard for just about everything that comes with the OS.

• Previews and stuff are definitely much snappier. The new Stacks navigation is pretty and effective.

Read more in the full article here.

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