AT&T: MMS service for Apple iPhone coming ‘later this summer at no extra cost’

Amidst a list of Frequently Asked Questions posted on AT&T’s website is Q&A about MMS and tethering:

Will AT&T offer MMS and tethering?
Later this summer, as part of the 3.0 software, AT&T will make multimedia messaging (MMS) available at no extra cost
to customers with a text messaging bundle. And, in the future, AT&T will offer tethering capability for iPhone 3G S and
iPhone 3G.

Also of interest:

It sounds like I don’t need a contract to buy iPhone 3G S. Can I buy it and use it on another carrier?
We do offer No Commitment pricing, however, iPhones sold in the United States are configured to work only with the
wireless services provided by AT&T. Here’s the No Commitment pricing for both devices:

– iPhone 3G S (16 GB): $599
– iPhone 3G S (32 GB): $699
– iPhone 3G (8 GB): $499
– iPhone 3G (16 GB): $549 (while supplies last)

Read the full FAQ (pdf) here.

[Attribution: iLounge. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork for the heads up.]

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