Is Dell positioning itself to buyout Palm?

“Is Dell positioning itself to make a large acquisition? It certainly appears that way,” John Paczkowski writes for AllThingsD.

“The company recently hired mergers-and-acquisitions specialist David Johnson away from IBM,” Paczkowski reports. “And yesterday, it sold off $1 billion in bonds. Dell already has $9.7 billion in cash reserves on hand, so presumably it needs that extra billion for something…”

Paczkowski writes, “Palm is a logical target, isn’t it? Buying the company would place Dell firmly in the smartphone market it has so often expressed interest in. Can’t imagine an overture from Round Rock would go over too will with Palm’s new leadership, though. Surely Jon Rubinstein didn’t accept the CEO seat at Palm with the understanding that he might someday be working for Dell.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Our take from January 21, 2009: “Palm’s Pre dog and pony show is nothing more than takeover bait. They simply do not have the resources necessary to create another mobile platform, especially one that is superfluous. If Palm’s Pre is not a ruse, then those responsible are kidding themselves.”

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