Activists yet again stop Steve Jobs from demolishing his ‘dump’ of a house

“Jobs appeared to emerge victorious when Woodside Town Council last month voted 6-1 to issue him a demolition permit for the 1600-square-metre, 14-bedroom house in rural California, which has been abandoned for more than a decade and is now seriously decaying,” Asher Moses reports for The Age.

“But that victory was short-lived, as a group of preservationists known as Uphold Our Heritage filed a superior court objection. They argued that the council did not comply with a previous order that no demolition permits be issued until Jobs’s proposal complied with California’s Environmental Quality Act,” Moses reports. “The move will send Jobs back to court and further prolong his eight-year battle to knock down the dilapidated house, which was built in 1925 for mining magnate Daniel Jackling.”

Moses reports, “The preservationists and Jobs are set to go back to court on June 19, when the judge will determine whether the council’s decision to give Jobs a demolition permit was legally sound.”

MacDailyNews Take: The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. We don’t need no water, let the motherfscker burn.Rock Master Scott And The Dynamic Three, 1984

Disclaimer: We do not condone arson, but, if ever there was a case…

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