Apple restores Tabs to their rightful place in Safari 4.0 final release

Just Announced New MacBook Pro & MacBook Air“When Safari 4.0 was released for free download yesterday, its provocative use of upward facing tabs was dropped along with its beta label. For users who just got used to having their window tabs tucked into the dead space in the menu bar, the change back might seem disappointing. After all, Apple promoted the idea of ‘tabs on top’ as a clever way to minimize the impact of user interface elements on the browsing experience, a key design goal of Safari since its first release,” Prince McLean reports for AppleInsider.

“Why have tabs dropped back down to consume an extra strip of interface real estate? Perhaps the company though it was too confusing to new users, or that it simply wasn’t consistent or compatible with its own interface guidelines or those of Microsoft Windows, which the company is now trying to look native on with Safari rather than imposing its uniquely metallic Mac appearance,” McLean reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Or perhaps they’re reading MacDailyNews (or any number of others who also pointed out the UI issues in the public beta). Our Take from February 28, 2009:

It’s highly likely that we use the Safari web browser more than, or at least as much as, any living person. 16, 18, and even more hours per day. When the very first thing we did after the first day with Safari 4 Public Beta was to fire up the Terminal to nuke the poorly-thought-out tabs, restoring them back under the Bookmarks Bar where they belong, and re-enable the blue loading bar behind the URL, then Apple has a problem.

Hopefully, Apple is listening: Rethink and rework the current default Tabs in Safari 4 Public Beta before the final release. They suck enough to have come out of Microsoft.

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