CNBC’s Goldman: Apple’s WWDC to be about software, software, software; not hardware

Financing OptionsThere are “only a few short days left until the Apple Inc. Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco Monday,” Jim Goldman reports for CNBC.

“My sources tell me the core of this event will be about software, not hardware,” Goldman reports. “We’ll get a good long look at Snow Leopard, the next generation Mac operating system… We’ll get an extended look at the App Store, along with some updated numbers about apps available and apps already downloaded. Both numbers, I’m told, are trending far better than existing momentum should have anticipated.”

“As far as Jobs is concerned, he won’t attend. Unless he decides to. It’s that simple. But there’s no indication he will deviate from Apple’s oft-stated remarks that he’ll return to the company in late June,” Goldman reports. “Which is about the same time frame analysts anticipate new iPhone hand sets… I’m hearing that an additional hardware event for Apple could be on the calendar in a few weeks, and it might be at that time that Jobs returns to the public stage. Or not. But that’s the buzz.”

Full article – recommended – here.

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