PC World’s David Coursey: Five reasons why the Palm Pre won’t prevail

PC World’s David Coursey offers five reasons why the Palm Pre won’t prevail:

5. Palm is, effectively, a start-up; if the Pre isn’t close to perfect the company could face problems.

4. The ability to run multiple applications at the same time will, over time, be important. But, it’s a feature most other smartphones, except the iPhone, already possess. By the time multitasking becomes a must-have feature for the masses, Apple will have it.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple already has it, Dave. It’s been there since version 1.0. Start your iPod and then go surfing Safari; running multiple apps has always been there. Apple will turn it on for developers when the processors and batteries can do it properly. Unlike Palm, Apple doesn’t have a dead company to pump up with features that over promise, but under deliver.

3. A huge applications and music store is a big driver of the iPhone’s success. Palm has nothing.

2. The Pre’s keyboard could be its undoing.

1. Palm doesn’t currently have the financing to effectively compete with larger companies.

MacDailyNews Take: As we’ve been saying here on these pages since January.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MacVicta” for the heads up.]

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