Apple thwarts iPhone app piracy ahead of iPhone 3.0 software release

“Apple appears ready to thwart the piracy of iPhone Apps before it becomes a problem. Apple’s upcoming iPhone 3.0 software updated, to be announced next week, will no longer allow you to re-download iPhone apps you once downloaded, according to beta tester of the software,” Daniel Ionescu reports for PC World.

“This change of policy is in response to a new rumored feature expected to be introduced with the iPhone 3.0 software update that will allow you to download iTunes content directly to your iPhone over the air. All you would have to do to download a TV show, for example, is submit your iTunes user name and password into your iPhone and start downloading. Currently to get premium video and other types of content on to your iPhone you must purchase it first on desktop iTunes software and then sync your iPhone,” Ionescu reports.

“By restricting the ability to re-download iPhone apps it would prevent someone from sharing (either intentionally or not) their iTunes account information with a third-party who could then download for free all the apps the iTunes account owner had previously purchased. The 3.0 firmware is said to allow users to log in and out of multiple iTunes accounts straight from their phone,” Ionescu reports.

“However, re-downloading an application can be done free of cost on a computer (if the app was already purchased) and then synced back with the iPhone,” Ionescu reports.

Full article here.

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