Woz on Steve Jobs’ health, ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ and ‘the highlight of my life’

“Steve Jobs sounds ‘energetic, healthy, not gravely ill or someone anxious or [overly] concerned about his health,’ Steve Wozniak says of his fellow Apple co-founder,” Aaron Task reports for Yahoo! Finance. “But Wozniak has been ‘saying the same thing for six months’ and took umbrage with yesterday’s WSJ.com story on the subject. ‘They printed [it] like I spoke it as new news,’ he says. ‘I’m not sure how I was quoted. It wasn’t an interview.'”

“Beyond the sensitive issue of Jobs’ health and the thorny issue of journalistic practices, Wozniak also weighs on some more uplifting issues in the accompanying video, taped here at the AllThingsD Conference at the Four Seasons, including his recent stint on ‘Dancing with the Stars,'” Task reports. “‘I was meant to be an engineer. I was not meant to be a professional dancer,’ Wozniak says.” “But he called it ‘the most fun thing’ he’d done in a long time and talked about the joy and satisfaction of challenging yourself and getting out of your comfort zone.”

Task reports, “It’s that kind of uplifting spirit that makes Wozniak one of the most beloved and revered figures in Silicon Valley, and beyond. That and his contributions to the personal computer revolution. Speaking of which, Wozniak also talks about his current projects and role as Fusion-IO’s chief scientist where he’s working on the ‘highlight of my life, computer architecture.'”

Watch the full video interview (4:06) here.

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