Apple briefs employees on wireless iPhone movie and TV downloads

“The iPhone 3.0 operating system release will include new support for direct downloads of movie and TV content from the iTunes Store, according to people familiar with Apple’s internal training materials,” Prince McLean and Kasper Jade report for AppleInsider.

“Last week, a Salon blogger covered initial reports of a new iTunes Store interface for downloading movies and TV directly on the iPhone, including support for movie rentals,” McLean and Jade report. “Beta testers of iPhone 3.0 can already access the new interface from a special URL.”

“AppleInsider has learned from people familiar with Apple’s training program that new self-guided training materials being distributed to familiarize AppleCare agents with the features of iPhone 3.0 software ‘definitely covered’ the ability to directly download movies and TV shows on the device itself, rather than just syncing video content through iTunes,” McLean and Jade report.

“Those people noted that the advanced training was unique, saying that ‘Apple never puts out product training this far ahead of a product launch.’ This training material is roughly 6 weeks early, they said, having arrived in the form of a single training module on Tuesday,'” McLean and Jade report.

“What isn’t yet known is whether Apple will immediately enable video downloads over 3G mobile networks,” McLean and Jade report.

More info and screenshots here.

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