Apple Investor News relaunches website

Apple Investor News, the always-updating website offering total aggregation of Apple, Inc. financial and AAPL stock news, has relaunched today with a new design, improved search results, and pop-up article preview. Apple Investor News aggregates headlines from thousands of sources into 23 distinct news categories including AAPL Analysts, Rumors, Industry Dialogue, Apple iPod, iPhone, Apple Mac Computers, Steve Jobs, Apple Stores, Apple vs. Microsoft and others.

“This site has a rich, continuous stream of Apple investor-related news, and from what I can tell, everything that could possibly matter is included and things that don’t matter are not,” says David Bunnell, technology entrepreneur, founder of Macworld and PC World, and former chairman of Upside Media, in the press release. “Tech Investor News has figured out how to make news aggregation sites that are really relevant and comprehensive.”

Apple Investor News is now part of the just-launched Tech Investor News, a definitive technology sector news aggregator and network of company-specific aggregators for the Top 20 tech stocks. The search filtering engine has been improved for greater accuracy and the sites have been redesigned so headlines are more readable. The sites will also include a pop-article feature so visitors can preview a news story by placing their cursor over a headline.

Apple Investor News uses a process called Intelligent News Search, which uses layers of complex filters to place headlines into relevant and useful categories. Human editors continually update and refine the search filters, making the results more accurate than fully automated aggregators. Headlines are always updating, all day, every day. The sites auto-refresh every 15 minutes.

“Apple Investor News showed there’s a need for definitive news aggregators for the enthusiast, professional and business audiences, people who need more than just the top stories on a given day,” comments Frank Cioffi, editor and publisher, in the press release.

Apple Investor News was originally launched in May 2007. It was founded by Frank Cioffi, a former broadcast journalist and marketing communications veteran who specializes in technology media and media relations. It is based in Marin County, California.

Apple|Enthusiast, sister site to AIN, aggregates headlines of interest to users of Apple products including news on the Mac, iPods, iPhones or software, hardware, tips, hacks, accessories, games or the best deals for Apple-related products. Apple|Enthusiast will be relaunched later in 2009.

Apple Investor News is here.

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